Northern Gateway Scheme

Measured Survey for Public Sector

Topographical & Utility Survey, 3D Revit Model

Resulted from using our 3D Faro Laser Scanner

One of our latest project involved a multitude of technologies and skills to achieve the end result. We were requested to provide with a 3D Revit Model of the building, Topographical and Utility Survey, Elevations and Sections of the MSCP Building.

This project involved using 3D Faro Laser Scanner to create a 3D Point Cloud Data Model of the Multi Storey Car Park. We used our Leica MS50 Total Station to establish the control stations and to pick up levels and details on the roads around the building. For the Utility Survey we used Radiodetection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to trace the underground services.

Because we used Revit to create the 3D Model, it allowed us to easily extract Elevations and Sections of the building as required.

Using the 3D Laser Scanning technology allows us to capture all the data on site. If the client needs any additional drawings from the initial request, we can easily draw up from the point cloud data, without having to go back on site, therefore reducing the costs significantly.