Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanner

Our latest addition to our equipmet is the FARO Focus 3D X330. Lightweight and versatile, with a range up to 330m and ranging error of +/- 2mm. It's perfect for jobs where multiple setups are required and where time is short. For example, for a residential premises, we don't need to spend a full day to capture the data. Everything can be done in a few hours, without to much disturbance. And from the point cloud data we are able to draw from a simple 2D floor plan to a 3D model.

Where highly accurate data is needed, we use the Leica MS50 to produce the point cloud data. This is ideal for Railway and Bridge surveys.


We can supply with 2D/3D drawings produced from point cloud data collected by our Laser Scanners, or we can provide you with just the raw point cloud data for you to work on. Likewise, we can work on point cloud data provided by you.